Five Most Comfortable (and Stylish) Shoes for Travel

I’m not your average minimalist backpacker. I don’t always travel using only a carry on, I don’t wear fast, active drying clothing, and I certainly don’t leave my make up and beauty products at home. Because of this certain behavioral trait (please don’t call it high maintenance!) I tend to spend a lot of time deciding which shoes to bring on my travels.

I have made the mistake in the past of packing too many pairs of shoes, but I like having the option to pair different shoes with different outfits. I’ve learned from some of these mistakes, and decided to curate a list of the five pairs of shoes I will ALWAYS travel with now.

1. Converse Shoreline Slip

The classic converse gets slimmed down with the Shoreline Slip for a more feminine and dainty look. I have large feet to begin with, so I thank the stars that Converse made a shoe that would actually look flattering on my big hooves. I wear these babies with my skinny jeans when I’m not walking too far. They are most comfortable when wandering through town for a few hours.

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2. Nike Free

My Nike Free’s have traveled with me to over 10 countries over the last two years. I’ve worn them hiking the Great Wall of China, tromping through torrential rainfalls in Thailand, and up and down dozens of bridges in the middle of the night in Venice. They’re sturdy, comfortable and the only shoe I can guarantee that will be on my feet for years to come.

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1. Soludos Platform Slipper

These adorable espadrilles take a few wears to break in, but your feet and fashion sense will thank you for the effort. I wear them when going for short day walks, or at night when I want to look cute but not overly dressed with heels or boots. You’ll probably see me wearing these in most of my summer travel photos!

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4. Crown Vintage Black Bootie

I can’t travel anywhere without the basic, black, flat bootie. Everyone needs a shoe that goes well with black leggings, leather pants, tights, jeans etc. And I choose one with a little, tiny heel for a bit of height (I’m a bite-sized 5’2” and will take any boost I can get!). These boots are specifically water proof, but I’ve worn them many times through downpours and storms and they hold up quite well.

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5. Unisa Over the Knee Boot

I pick these boots mainly for the fact that they can fold/roll up to take up as much space as an ankle bootie. Over the knee boots bring a certain unique style that works well with many outfits, but I prefer to wear them at night to keep my legs extra warm.

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