Photo Diaries: Hiking Cappadocia, Turkey

Located an hour by plane from Istanbul, Cappadocia is a bizarre, breathtaking hidden gem in Turkey. You’ll see some of the most surreal scenery the world has to offer in Cappadocia, making scenic hot air balloon flights it’s largest attraction. In my opinion, it’s better to get up close and personal with these unique “fairy chimneys” if you want a truly memorable experience!

I spent the weekend in Göreme, a small town located in Cappadocia. Don’t let the ancient scenery fool you, Göreme is home to plenty of boutique hotels and trendy restaurants. You absolutely must start your day early (I’m talking SUNRISE people!) to catch an amazing view of the hot air ballooners that have taking off that morning. Then once you’ve had your breakfast, then make your way out of town and visit the UNESCO heritage site, Göreme National Park.

The valleys and peaks of the rocks have been formed completely by erosion, although you’ll find tiny “windows” and “doors” that were once home to inhabitants who settled in villages within the rocks.

Make sure to pack hiking boots (and not flimsy combat boots like I did!), bring several bottles of water, and use the bathroom as there are no cafes, restaurants or snack carts once you leave the main town. You probably only see a handful of other hikers, making this trip one of the most serene experiences you will have in Turkey!

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