The Ultimate Plane Carry-On Guide

Packing the right travel essentials in your carry-on can make or break your flight or long journey! Here is my ultimate list of everything I pack in my carry on bag:

1. Durable Carry On Bag

The bag that carries your items is just as important, if not more, than the items themselves! Trust me, you do not want to be stuck on a train, running through the airport, or even walking at night to your hotel to find out that the strap of your bag has ripped off! I absolutely adore my TUMI Dara Carry-All. It has a padded laptop sleeve, side pockets for water bottles, and even a pocket in the back that slips over the handle of your suitcase for easy travel (no more struggling with your carry on bag falling off your rolling suitcase). It’s a splurge purchase, but oh-so-so-so worth it.

2. Travel wallet

If you are carrying a passport, plane tickets, paper currency etc, then you’ll need a travel wallet. I love the Zoppen Travel Wallet because it has RFID protection for your credit cards, and a wide slot to secretly store and keep your passport safe. When trekking through the airport, I’m always taking out my wallet to buy snacks, or to show either my boarding pass or passport, so I need a wallet that keeps all these guys together!

3. Hat to hide “plane hair”

I’ve been “blessed” with thin hair that always seems to curl, kink and frizz leaning against those awful plane seats on long haul flights. Therefore, I always make sure to bring some sort of hat with me, so I can come off the plane looking a little more cute, and and little less haggard. I try and keep it a little more fashionable with a trendy baseball hat, like my LIXYIT Suede Baseball Hat.

4. Camera

Of course you didn’t forget to travel with a camera! But make sure you pack this baby on your carry on to keep it safe and with you at all times. For extra protection, I wrap my Sony a6000 with my carry on scarf (see the next item) to keep it padded and protected in my bag.

5. A scarf/blanket combo

Everyone needs a versatile chunky scarf! I have this American Trends Chunky Scarf in so many different colors, but I’ll always travel with just one.Wear it if the plane is cold (because you know it will be), or as a wrapped shawl when I’m in the city, or even to protect your valuable electronics as mentioned above.

6. Laptop

Sure, we all live on our smartphones nowadays, but I still love to travel with my ultra lightweight Macbook 13.3″ Air. Obviously because I need to blog about my travels on this site 🙂 but also because I get super frustrated when I’m trying to research a restaurant, or book train tickets all through my phone screen! Not to mention a laptop is a great way to pass the time when traveling solo –  I can easily pass the time browsing in on coffee shop on a rainy afternoon, or waiting at the airport for my next flight.

7. Earbuds

A millennial never goes anywhere without their earbuds! I try to never listen to music when exploring a new city (you feel more immersed in the culture when you can hear the street noise or listen to other people speaking a new language), but I always am plugged in when in transit. And my Apple Lightening Earbuds are sooooo much better than the crappy low quality ones the airlines give you for free!

8. Change of Clothes

To me, a change of clothes is very necessary when traveling internationally. Because you never know when you’ll get to the hotel for a shower, I always pack a change of underwear and a fresh shirt in my carry on bag. Flying in a plane makes me feel so icky after a while! And if you have a layover anywhere, changing those two key pieces will make you feel that much more refreshed and ready for your next leg!

9. Medicine Bag

I’m the daughter of a doctor, so it’s been hammered into my head to always travel with all medication you may need for any sort of common illness. Besides the classic ibuprofen, pepto bismol, band aids, hand sanitizer, benedryl etc, I also like to pack a few goodies in my Joyful Marble Cosmetic Bag to help make my flight a little easier:

10. Homemade Sandwich and Snacks!

I’m usually pretty low maintenance (I’m sure my exes would disagree…) but the one thing I’m a stickler about is eating plane food! The taste of the food is never worth the awful, gross feeling in my body after I eat it. I know a lot of people enjoy the food, but it’s just one of those things I can’t get over! Therefore, I usually pack my own sandwich, a bag of chips, an apple or banana, and some nuts to keep my tied over until I can enjoy some delicious, local cuisine when I land!

And that wraps up what I carry in my bag on the plane! What else do you guys usually have to help you survive the flight?




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