The Beginner’s Guide to Verona

Italy is known as one of the most romantic countries in the world. How can your heart not explode with passion from the food or the history or the language?! While romantic cities are in no short supply in Italy, none of them will top the ultimate city of love – Verona.

You can’t talk about Verona without talking about Romeo and Juliet. Yes, you can fight tourists for a glimpse of Juliet’s balcony, and yes you can find Romeo and Juliet inspired pastas on some of the menus, but there is oh-so-much more to this city than a fictional, angst-filled teenage couple.

Visit the Castel Vecchio Bridge

The Castel Vecchio bridge is not hard to miss since it’s located right in the city center. Although it’s a reconstruction of the original 14th century bridge that was destroyed in WWII, Castel Vecchio is still filled with character and charm. It’s a short stroll over the water, but take the time to climb the viewpoints and admire the locks from the Romeo and Juliet fans.

Indulge in Pasta

While this is definitely not a strict daytime activity, I found some of the best pasta in the city to be from small take away shops! Eating street food can definitely be considered one of my favorite hobbies, because it allows you to taste what the city has to offer while also not taking time away from your day of exploring! I tried two different pasta shops, Bigoli Amo and Bigoli Verona, both of which make their pasta and sauces in house.

Climb to the top of Castel San Pietro

To soak in the most stunning view in all of Verona, hike to the top of San Pietro across the river from the city. It’s a fairly short but steep climb up a few stairs, (there is a cable car if you’re feeling a little lazy) but the view will be the only reward you’ll need. There is even a chic bar at the top if you’re looking for a more alcoholic reward as well!

Explore the streets by night

Verona becomes alive once the sun disappears. Escape the main shopping street of Via Mazzini and slip into the back alleys. You’ll be amazed at what you can find, from ancient underground ruins, to city gates, to hidden courtyard restaurants. Verona is incredibly safe at night, but always use your best judgement!

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