The Ultimate Travel Electronics Guide

best tech gadgets travel

1.Power Bank

Let’s face it, we can all be heavy technology users. I hate to admit it, but I usually have my nose to some sort of screen, whether its my phone, laptop, or camera. Because I’m always plugged, I end up draining the battery to most of my gadgets…like really, really fast (side note – can we please create a cell phone battery that can last overnight?!). Power banks are true lifesavers, especially when traveling where you don’t want to be in transport for 15-20 hours without a connection! I love my Lepow Power Bank because it’s super slim, comes in a soft, felt protection pouch, and can charge my iPhone 7Plus up to THREE TIMES YA’LL. Trust me and don’t get stuck without one of these!

2. Earbuds

Speaking of being in transport for 15-20 hours…has anyone done that without listening to music or podcasts on their phone? I don’t know what I would do with my time on an airplane, or on a train if I didn’t have my soundtrack playlist on in the background. I always carry my Apple Lightening Earbuds (remember to also carry the original earbud headphone jack is you are on a plane – most airline video consoles only support the old headphone jack).

3. WIFI Hotspot

Nothing is more frustrating that traveling in a different country and not being able to navigate with Maps, look up reviews on Tripadvisor, or even upload your travel photos to Instagram. During my first solo trip abroad, I survived by mooching off free wifi spots at department stores and restaurants and I can tell you that its a serious pain in the ass. I learned from this mistake and bought a Skyroam, which has saved my life! I purchase the unlimited data monthly package, which lets me connect my phone and laptop to wifi wherever I am. Trust me and get this thing.

4. Camera

Travel is not complete without a camera! Of course I’m glued to my phone, so a lot of my normal, daily life photos are taken with my iPhone. However, I’m always traveling with my Sony Alpha a6000 to capture the special moments. My lens of choice is the Sony 6mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle Lens and the 12-16 MM,f/2.8 convertor attachment which can capture 103°!

5. Electricity Convertor

Charge all the electronics!!! I purchased a pack of 6 of these babies, just in case I lose any during my travels. It also allows me to charge my phone, my laptop, my camera, my wifi hotspot AND use my flat iron all at once!

Well there you have it – the ultimate guide to electronics to ensure you have a connected journey!

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